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Embrace Your Outdoor Space With a Clean Deck and Fence

Outdoor home wooden deck patio during lovely summer day with seasonal garden

For those days you spend outside taking in the fresh air and enjoying your time with the family, the view of a freshly cleaned deck and fence should embrace your yard. The nice days of family events and parties should be days of beauty on your clean deck. The ugliness of a stained fence should never be able to create a soreness in your day.

If you need help with deck and fence cleaning for your next special event, call our professionals. We will bring superiority and beauty to your home with every routine clean.

Your benefits of a pressure washed deck and fence

If you are ready to enjoy your days and nights outside but are dredging the eye sore of your deck and fence, then getting it professionally pressure washed will be the kick start you need to make them beautiful again. Don’t let the ugliness of your deck be the beginning and end of a beautiful season. Impress your guests with a glorious new eye appeal by getting your deck and fence pressure washed.

Wooden deck of family home at summer.

Once you get your deck and fence pressure washed, how will you benefit from it?

Adherent Sealant – After the deck and fence cleaning, the sealant you choose will be better to adhere to the wood’s surface.

Visually Appealing – With a professionally cleaned new deck and fence comes the unforgettable eye appeal.

What Makes Louisiana Softwash Solutions Different?

  • SoftWash Systems Authorized Professional
  • Hands-On Training Certified
  • 2 Million Dollar Liability Insurance
  • Biodegradable Chemicals
  • Has Passed SoftWash Systems Certification Process Including Over 20 Hours of Education
  • The Seal Certified Background Checked
  • Licensed and Insured

Get Over Your Worries

Let go of the worries about the professional pressure wash process. The beauty of your deck and fence will better represent your home once they are cleaned and the relief of having a home to show off will take over. The dirt and grime does not have to be apart of your life.

Our professionals will take on the hard work of deck and fence cleaning giving you the relief you deserve. Let us make your deck and fence look brand new again.

The Hazards of Leaving Your Deck and Fence Unclean

While the ugliness of your unclean fence and deck can be a drain on the eyes, the hazard of your health from them being unclean can be even more worrying. Bringing unnecessary health concerns, an unclean deck and fence can leave fear of permanent damage in the air. If left untreated for too long the strain of regret of not getting them clean will take over.

What health concerns lie beneath the surface?

  • Bacteria – If you do not get your deck pressure washed, the bacteria that has accumulated on it over time can grow into a disease. If there are pets, people, or bare feet that consistently walk on the deck, eventually the germs and bacteria will take on a new life, forming a disease to worry about.
  • Lifespan – The lifespan of your deck can be extended with routine cleaning, eliminating the bacteria and erosion that comes with uncleanliness.

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