We offer a safer alternative to pressure washing!

Get the Exterior House Cleaning Results You Want with Softwashing

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Getting rid of the layers of dirt and grime that can build up on your home’s exterior surfaces over time is a challenge that most homeowners aren’t ready to tackle on their own. To get a truly effective clean, you’d need specialized equipment, and while it might be possible to rent the tools required, you then have to figure out how to safely use them without harming yourself or your home. Instead of trying to manage all of that, why not hire a professional, trained exterior house cleaning company like ours here at Louisiana Softwash Solutions?

Our team is dedicated to helping homeowners in and around the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area keep their home exteriors free from mold, algae, moss, mildew, bacteria, and other unsightly contaminants. We use softwashing for most exterior house cleaning services, since it’s both safe and highly effective. Because softwashing relies on the cleaning power of specially formulated cleaning solutions instead of raw force like pressure washing, it’s safe to use on virtually any exterior surface, from delicate roofing to sturdy stone.

Those cleaning solutions actually target things like mold, algae, and other organic growths and kill them at the root, sanitizing the surfaces they were growing on and helping prevent their regrowth for four to six times longer than pressure washing. We do also offer pressure washing as part of our exterior house cleaning services, but only for durable surfaces that our technicians have assessed and determined can withstand the force of the harsh water spray.

With over 20 years of industry experience and a passion for our work, our team can provide the superior exterior house cleaning service you need to get your home looking its best. Contact our office today to schedule your free estimate!

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